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Store Policy


All deposits are nonrefundable. No exceptions. No credits. Regardless of the COVID pandemic, the event is canceled or you are unable to attend your event. All sales are final and/or deposits are non-refundable or transferable.


No exchanges or transfers, even if the dress has not left the store.


Sales and promos $99 and 50% off dresses must be PAID IN FULL and are AS IS. To fix a defect at an additional cost, if it is fixable.


Once paid, it is your responsibility to pick up your dress, if you leave the dress for alterations, paid in full - you take full responsibility that you are leaving the dress and that Stefania’s Boutique is not with-holding the dress.


Dresses on layaway CAN NOT be swapped/exchanged for a different dress. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


All special orders require a 50% nonrefundable deposit.


Not responsible for weight gain or less.


All dresses are free from damage, not responsible for the dress once it has left the store.


Not responsible for any item left paid/unpaid in the store after 90 days.


Dresses must be paid in full prior to alterations. Alterations are an additional cost.

You are not obligated to have alterations in the store, you are free to take the dress elsewhere. Once any dress has left the store, it cannot be returned for alterations. Alterations are first come first served and by appointment only.


If any dress is not paid in full within 60 days or 7 days after the event date, whichever comes first after the initial deposit, the dress will be returned to stock and the deposit will not be refunded.


Special order arrival dates are an approximation, delivery from the company may be +/- 2-3 weeks from the original arrival date. Color may vary slightly with special orders due to bolt changes.


Stefania’s Boutique is not responsible for delays from manufacturers.

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